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The Best Vape Mods Reviews 2018: Smoke City’s Top 9 Brands

Have you heard of the tragedy of exploding vapes? Has it kept you from ever trying e-cigarettes? If this is true, then you might be saying no to healthier smoking.

Four years ago, there were already more than 9 million adults in the US who use e-cigarettes, and the figures are growing. That’s because one in four cigarette smokers are becoming vape converts, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said.  

Those explosions are isolated cases and caused by unregulated vape mods and unsafe practices. Below are safety precautions and a list of reputable brands courtesy of Smoke City. (You’re welcome:) )

3 Reasons to Buy Vape Mods from Reputable Brands

The rule of thumb when buying vape mods is to pick the regulated ones from reputable manufacturers. Regulated mods have safety features. Also, buying from reputable brands means you are adding an extra layer of safety for yourself. Shady manufacturers may come cheap and thus, may have left some loose ends.

The specific safety features in reputable vape mods include:

  • Well-made charging circuits
  • Vape mods that have gained praises from a lot of veteran vapers say a lot about its manufacturing reputation. Poorly-made devices often have problems with charging circuitry. Faulty circuits can be difficult to recognize. Your best bet as a beginner is to read reviews and research about the trustworthy brands. If you come to Smoke City, we can give you some advice.

  • No “rewrapped” batteries
  • The danger of buying from cheap brands is that they might be saving up on batteries, which are usually the causes of vape accidents. Rewrap batteries are cheap because they are basically reject cells from other manufacturers and are undressed and encased in new branding. Now, they are not necessarily unsafe. But if you are unaware that you bought a rewrap battery and used it on a mechanical mod, you may be wrapped in risks when your battery can’t give the required power.

  • Firing and temperature cut-offs
  • Regulated mods from large manufacturers have safety mechanisms that tell you the maximum currents. They also have cut-off systems for when you are firing for too long or when the temperature is too high.

    9 Best Vape Mods at Smoke City 

    At Smoke City, we make sure all products are genuine and safe. Counterfeit batteries, unregulated mods, and expired e-liquids are definitely regulated here. In addition, we uphold safety and quality management standards. That is why we have regard for ISO-certified products.

    The 9 best vape mod brands available at Smoke City:

  • SMOK
  • SMOK is a popular brand among both beginner and experienced e-cigarette smokers. Founded in 2010, they have taken on the vape market with their beginner-friendly vape mods such as SMOK Stick AIO, Vape Pen 22, and the versatile TFV8 Baby Beast and TFV12 Cloud Beast King. One of their latest products, the G Priv 2, is slimmer, lighter, and has a touchscreen. SMOK has also introduced the exquisite ROLO badge that comes in rasta and gradient colors.

    Best Features:

    • Built with an intuitive design, so you don’t have to be a pro to use it
    • Versatile tanks for a customizable vaping experience
    • Made with full temperature control functionality

  • 7 Daze
  • Fans of slim and lightweight mods go for Zoor by 7 Daze MFG company in Los Angeles. This is because they are known for stealthy designs. Closed-system devices, Zoor mods have a sleek silky finish and made with a grip for easy handling. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries and equipped with safety protection against overdraws and current. Zoor gives out a smooth mouth-to-lung experience and a nice throat hit.

    Best Features:

    • Sleek portable design
    • Long-lasting battery life
    • Designed with an auto-power mechanism
  • Suorin
  • Suorin is known for pocket-sized pod mods— Suorin Air and Suorin Drop. These devices are ideal for beginner starter kits. They are refillable and rechargeable. Suorin mods are known to outgas a good deal of vapor and flavor. Their devices reflect the reliability, practicality, affordability, and user-friendliness branding that is typically Suorin.

    Best Features:

    • Quick-charging batteries with long-lasting power
    • Refillable pods
    • Portable design that can fit in a wallet

  • Geekvape
  • Established in 2015, Geekvape has since been known for the Griffin, the popular rebuildable tank atomizer, and the Aegis mod, which is renowned for its durability. Aegis is the only product that came out proudly as shock-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof. It can be heavy, but it has a nice feel on the hands. Geekvape is not only keen on delivering durable and quality products but also catering to your safety. Their website provides support to vapers in terms of information about emission types and the security of their products.

    Best Features:

    • Robust design with the IP67 waterproof rating
    • Equipped with the Geekvape chip that allows instantaneous firing
    • Supports all major battery cells in the market
  • Joyetech
  • Joyetech is the manufacturer of the popular ESPION 200W and ProCore X Starter Kit, a fully loaded vape system made with a box mod design. ESPION 200W is built with a color touchscreen, a built-in clock, and all safety mechanisms. This alone is proof of Joyetech’s reputation. Renowned products such as EXCEED, ATOPACK PENGUIN, and CUBOID are all from Joyetech. This brand is popular among e-cigarette smokers not only because of their reliable best vape mods and tanks but also for the various flavors they offer.

    Best Features:

    • Programmed with an intuitive menu system
    • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) can be adjusted
    • Preheat functionality for a fine-tuned vaping experience

  • Vaporesso
  • The Revenger 220W TC Starter Kit is one of the trusted and favored mods, thanks to Vaporesso. This Chinese brand earned praises for its powerful chipset and various modes of power that bring a varied vaping experience. Vaporesso boasts of a 50% reduction in charging time with a maximum of 2.5 amps charge output.

    Best Features:

    • Durable build
    • Powerful chipset with an output that ranges from 5 to 220W
    • Built with a comfortable firing button

  • Aspire
  • Born in 2013, Aspire brought the vaping world the Nautilus series, which was breaking ground in the vaping industry. It introduced the adjustable airflow design. This Chinese manufacturer is proud of its research and development team that delivers quality products to date. Some of their latest products are the simple miniature box mod, Gusto Mini, and the Aspire Skystar. Built with a touchscreen, the Skystar can be tapped and swiped like a smartphone to adjust your desired settings. It also has preheat options and wattage curve mods besides having a sleek ergonomic design.

    Best Features:

    • Beginner-friendly interface
    • Produces a wide airy draw and an impressive cloud
    • Equipped with a LED screen that indicates battery life

  • KangerTech
  • At KangerTech, products are manufactured under industry-standard certifications. They meet the CE, RoHS, SGS, and cGMP standards. KangerTech is also ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified. In other words, they meet the quality and environment-friendly standards. This is why a lot of vapers patronize KangerTech products. One of the most popular is the Kanger Subox Starter Kit. It has a new airflow design and a variable wattage system.

    Best Features:

    • Built with autopuff sensors
    • Highly intuitive mod system
    • Long-lasting battery power

  • Eleaf
  • E-leaf has recently brought the new Picos— the iStick Pico 25, iStick Pico S, and the iStick Pico Baby. The iStick Pico 25 is popular because it can support 25-mm atomizers on small 18650 box mods. The Eleaf iStick Pico 25 has preheat functionality that is suited with the new ELLO Sub-Ohm Tank. It has a fashionable look and a robust technology typical of E-leaf products. The first iStick series was introduced in 2014. Because of the temperature control mechanism and attractive colors, iStick took a hit and has then since been known.

    Best Features:

    • Designed with an easy refillable tank
    • Supports 25-mm atomizers
    • Has preheat functionality

    Getting a good and high-quality mod is a step closer to ensure a safe vaping experience. Here, at Smoke City, the safety of our clients is our top priority. This is why we take pride in our quality control process to ensure that the best vape mods we offer uphold our reputation. Of course, pods and vape mods are not the only things you can find at Smoke City. We also offer e-juices from reputable brands like Ripe Vapes and more.

    While the listed brands offer a variety of e-juice flavors that go with the kits, Ripe Vapes is a brand dedicated to giving you just the best e-liquids. They have varied flavors with funky names such as Monkey Snack and Key Lime Cookie.

    Simple Tips to Avoid Vape Mod Accidents

    Buying regulated mods from reputable manufacturers can be your motto. However, there are certain cases where regulations and reputation may not be enough; and that is when your practices as an e-cigarette smoker come into play.

    Here are some simple ways you can take to further ensure your safety:

  • Be careful with batteries
  • There are a lot of things to be careful about batteries. First, choose batteries that can deliver the required power— the ones with the optimum current rating. There are tools over the internet that can tell you how much current you need to draw and what kind of batteries is necessary.

    Secondly, do not carry loose batteries with you. This is something that you should take seriously. A lot of the instances of vape-related accidents were due to loose batteries that short out on metal objects such as coins or keys. Prevent such accidents by storing batteries in plastic or rubber battery sleeves. They are cheap and available everywhere.

    Lastly, check your battery wraps for damage regularly. It can be silly, but it pays a lot more to be safe. Plus, wrap replacements are also very affordable. It is also not difficult to put them on.

  • Switch off or lock your device
  • Never forget to switch off or lock your device before storing it in your pocket or bag. Auto-firing can occur even among regulated mods albeit very isolated. They can be caused by a manufacturing defect. Even so, it is important to prevent this by simply pushing the off button. You wouldn’t want your things or yourself to catch fire.


  • Beware of sunlight exposure
  • Do not store your e-cigarettes under direct sunlight or other sources of heat. You can store them at room temperature or up to 15 degrees Celsius. Exposure to very high temperature will force the batteries to self-discharge and will no longer deliver the required power of your mod.

  • Don’t drop your vape mods
  • Don’t drop your vape mods or at least, minimize such accidents. Dropping your vape mods may damage the unit and may dent or scratch your batteries. In case you dropped your device, check the unit for damages, especially the battery. Nicked and scratched battery wraps could lead to a dangerous short circuit.

    Smoke City: Vaper’s Choice for the Best Vape Mods in Utah!

    Smoking is largely a social experience. E-cigarette smoking, needless to say, is no different. In fact, it is even more socially acceptable. And for you to have the best vaping experience, come to Smoke City, and we will share that vapers’ bond with advice and the best vape mods and products.

    Smoke City is not only the go-to shop for intermediate and advanced vapers but also for novices. Are you thinking about quitting cigarettes and testing the waters on vaping? Smoke City is the best place to begin that journey. Fire those questions away and our superb customer service personnel will be in touch. Drop by at www.smokecityslc.com or at our shop in South Redwood Road Suite A, West Jordan.

    See you there! :)