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10 Best Vape Shop Juice Brands — Shop for Your Favorite e-Juice at Smoke City!

All those reports about the ugly effects of vaping are nothing but scaremongering. There is a stack of evidence that proves how far safer vaping is than tobacco smoking. For one, Dr. Michael Blaha, clinical research director at John Hopkins University Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, has vetted its safety as compared to traditional cigarettes.

Why Vaping is Better than Tobacco

Tobacco, Dr. Blaha disclosed, exposes the smoker to 7,000 chemicals. Many of which are toxic to the body. While e-cigarette also has its share of chemicals, the public health doctor said there is almost no doubt that they expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional ones.  

Research funded by the Cancer Research UK also found that the risk in vaping is just around 1% of the cancer risk caused by tobacco smoke. Cigarette smokers who switch completely to using e-cigarettes were seen with reduced cancer-causing agents in their bodies.

Vaping has outdone tobacco smoking not only in terms of health risks. Its edge over tobacco include the following:

    • Less teeth stains. Because vaping uses less to zero nicotine, there is a lesser possibility of having bad teeth stains. Smoking traditional cigarettes expose you to nicotine and tar which can stain your teeth. As these substances build up on your mouth from continuous smoking, your teeth become visibly discolored.
  • Pleasant smell. Owing to sweet-smelling e-juice flavors, smoking from e-cigarettes does not produce a stinky vapor— none of the bad after-smoke breath, too! Non-smokers find the smell of nearby vapor pleasant. Vaping says goodbye to outgassing cigarette smoke that gets stuck on smokers’ shirts.   
  • More socially acceptable. Generally, vaping is socially accepted in places where cigarette smoking is not. This is largely due to its pleasant smell and the fact that it is less harmful. Smokers find it more convenient to use e-cigarettes because it does not necessitate being huddled in a dingy smoke room with others.

  • Top 10 Best Vape Juices Brands

    There are a ton of vape juice brands in the market that have been creating concoctions after concoctions of e-juices. At Smoke City, vape juices are sold from brands that are quality-certified by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). The topnotch brands (in no particular order) are:

  • Eleaf
  • Eleaf has become one of the top vape juice brands because a lot of e-cig smokers fell for their sugary and fruity flavors. They have concocted a flavor series called “horny” which vapers describe as an orgasm in their mouth. The flavors are sweet and very sugary with a tinge of mint. Vapers are also loving the sweet-smelling vapor it out gases. E-liquid reviewers have given this a thumbs up and a solid 8/10 score for their flavors.  

  • Aspire
  • Fans of the Aspire flavor series love the light touch of flavoring in their mouth. Aspire has concocted varieties of taste— from fruits and spices— that have higher propylene glycol than veggie glycerin. They have flavors like honeydew melon and cinnamon spice. Some of the flavors from Aspire linger in the mouth which a lot of vapors like. Not only do they have a good taste, they also outgas a flavorful smell.

  • Candy King
  • Candy King E-liquid comes in 100ml unicorn bottles. It is one of the relatively young brands of e-juices which are becoming very popular. Vapers love it for the sweet candy flavors and the variety of nicotine strengths for each flavor.

  • SMOK
  • Vapers patronize the SMOK brand not only because of the flavors they offer. Most importantly, they are known for their tanks that provide an enhanced “whirlwind” e-juice taste. Most popular is the Spirals Tank that is equipped with the mechanism that brings about a powerful, authentic, and charming taste and thus, a nice overall vaping experience.

  • Burst E-liquid
  • This brand offers a wide variety of fruity and dessert flavors. They have citrus and strawberry flavors, as well as sherbet tones. Fans of Burst E-liquid like the brand for the full flavorful vapor as much as the taste. An inhale will get you a juicy fruity flavor right on the onset.

  • Naked 100 E-liquid
  • Naked 100 E earned its reputation from the wide variety of premium vape juice that a lot of smokers consider as best-tasting. They have lines of interesting flavors including fruit, menthol, candy, cream, and even a tobacco line. When the vaping community got interested in vape pods that use nicotine salts, Naked 100 E came prepared with its NKD100 nicotine salt line. That means vape pod users have a hundred choices of nicotine salts to enjoy.

  • Salt NKD100 E-liquid
  • This flavor line deserves a second mention because it has occupied the top charts in 2018. This line includes a wide range of interesting fruity flavors for nic salts such as a mix of coconut, pineapple, and strawberries. The flavors have been described by vapers as “jazzy” to the mouth and lungs.

  • Vapetasia
  • The recent E-juices from Vapetasia are packed in 50-ml short-fill bottles. They are famous for their Killer Kustard flavor line. The liquids under this line are blended in 70-30 mix of propylene glycol and veggie glycerin, respectively. The Killer Kustard flavors are especially known for their simple and accurate flavors. The exhale may not be as rich for many vapers, but if the taste says custard, it’ll give you a creamy one.  

  • Juul
  • Juul has been one of the best-known brands for vaping kits and flavors. They were critiqued for the limited flavor choices, but they have been known for their solid flavor profiles. The flavors by Juul have been described as accurate and not overly sweet. That makes them very easy to use at whatever time of the day. In late 2017 and even up to this year, the Mango flavor by Juul is earning a landslide vote from vapers.

  • Aqua E-liquid
  • The flavor lines of Aqua E-liquid have become an easy favorite to many vapers. To them, the smell matches the taste, and the flavors are distinct and unique. Not only that, e-cigarette smokers are a fan of the smooth vibe to the juices, thanks to a high vegetable glycerin content in the liquids. The flavors are perfect for all day vaping because they are subtle enough not to make you get sick of them.

    Smoke City Sells the Best Vapes and E-Juices!

    If you look up vape kit and e-juice stores on Yelp, you will find yourself swarmed by a lot of options. However, Smoke City remains the shopping choice not only among veteran e-cigarette smokers but also among vaping johnny-come-latelies.

    These vapers come to Smoke City Utah Vape store for the following:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • At Smoke City, there are no dumb questions. Newbies to the vaping scene find themselves highly comfortable with the assistance that was provided to them. When you walk into the store with questions, you will reap a lot of useful information from vape mods to tanks, to atomizers, and of course, e-juices. The friendly shop assistants (and the owner) can walk you through your vaping needs and make recommendations in a helpful and welcoming atmosphere.

    Veteran vapers also keep coming back to Smoke City because it is simply the go-to vape store. Smoke City does not only offer kits and devices but also some friendly advice.

  • Wide variety of high-quality brands
  • Most vape stores have an attractive display of vape kits and flavors— rows and rows of them. At Smoke City, not only is there a wide variety of products, they have a really good array of products from reputable brands. The brands that Smoke City offers meet the ISO standards. Customers are thus, assured that the kits and e-juices they buy are safe and of premium quality.

    Plus, it is not only about brands at Smoke City. They sell a range of tools including vape tanks, oil infusers, vape coils, and mods.  Cleaning kits are available here, too.

  • Standardized quality
  • To ensure that customers get not only what they want but also the best, Smoke City ensures the quality of their products. They examine the products and check for counterfeits and safety. For vape juices, they make sure that nothing has gone beyond its grace period.

    The Danger of Using Expired E-Juices: E-liquid Safety

    Vape juices may contain some or all of the following ingredients: distilled water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine concentrate, and artificial flavoring. Juices that have a thicker viscosity mean that they have high VG content. There are reports that exhibit lesser pronounced allergic reactions with high VG content than they are with PG.

    An ideal e-juice, first of all, should taste good. That means there is actually nothing off about the flavor other than what is being described in the label. It should also not contain acetoin and diacetyl which are both harmful ingredients.

    Most e-juice packaging contains both the date of manufacture and expiration. E-liquids do not age like wine, so anything that is older than two years from the date of manufacture is no longer safe.   

    Here are other liquid traits to watch out for to ascertain its quality (especially in instances where expiry dates were not indicated):

  • Smell
  • Before using a vape juice, try to sniff it first. Check the smell against the label. Is the smell close to the indicated flavor? Expired e-liquids often have a funny smell to it— something that is totally off from the flavor on the label. If something is drastically different in smell from the way you know it to be, it is best to throw the bottle away.

  • Color
  • Looking at the liquid’s color is also one good litmus test to determine the quality of the e-juice. Some e-liquids slightly change their colors but that does not always mean it has gone bad. Slight changes in color are not very unusual. They are caused by an oxidation process that does not really alter the taste or smell. However, to be safe, there should be a highly discernible change in color to warrant a disposal.

  • Viscosity
  • This characteristic refers to the thickness of the liquid. The consistency is determined by the ration of VG to PG in the concoction. However, if the liquid’s consistency was visibly altered, do not risk using it.

    While there is no real evidence that measures how dangerous smoking expired e-juices can be, it still pays a lot to be safe. The paucity of evidence in this area indicates that the dangers are still underexplored. So, when in doubt, throw it out.

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