WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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The SMOK FIT Ultra Portable Kit asserts itself as one of the most robust all-in-one pod system featuring a visually striking rectangularize body with 250mAh internal battery and refillable 2mL pod cartridges. Crafted from high quality aluminum alloy and durable polycarbonate (PC), the SMOK FIT implements a hexahedron body with sharp lining and modern styling that is portable and fits comfortably in-hand. The FIT utilizes a draw-activated firing mechanism that makes general use feel organic and natural, with a wattage range of 10 to 16W. The FIT utilizes a direct voltage based output powered by a rechargeable 250mAh battery with built-in LED light indicator for instant battery life feedback. The replaceable cartridge features a fillable pod element with a capacity of up to 2mL ejuice capacity for nic salt, cleverly designed with simple side refill method on the side enclosed by a rubber plug. The atomizer core is integrated into the pod, utilizing a special cotton that is enclosed to provide optimal vapor production and flavor enhancement.


SMOKTech is an innovative brand, constantly catering to the needs of vapers. That's why SMOK has come out with a discreet and portable vape, the SMOK FIT. Utilizing a refillable pod design, it eliminates the need to bring about a bottle of eJuice. The SMOK FIT is a compact handheld vape with an elongated rectangular prism design, different from the large clunky mods other vapers haul around. The lightweight SMOK FIT is easy to slip into a pocket or bag with ease, with no discernible difference in carrying weight or unsightly pocket bulges. If you are on-the-go, the sleek SMOK Fit is sure to conveniently follow.


The SMOK FIT is a breeze to prepare, operate, and maintain. Equipped with 310mAh internal battery, the SMOK FIT is perfect for a travel-friendly set-up or a night out of town. Should the FIT Pod System run out of power, don't let that get you down, as it can be recharged quickly via MicroUSB. With the simple refillable pod system, you can fill a few cartridges and bring them along with your SMOK Fit to change flavors on the fly. With a draw activated firing mechanism, the initial use can be confusing. However, the buttonless design soon gives way to intuition, allowing the user to recognize the advanced SMOK Fit as the sleek pod system vape that every variety of vapers can add to their collection. It is the perfect vape for those that are looking to get into vaping as it is not jam packed with unnecessary features and is perfectly suitable for discretionary vaping.