WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Monq Therapeutic Air 10 pack

Monq Therapeutic Air 10 pack

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Monq Portable Essential Oil Diffusers

All 10 Blends

Expect 200-250 breaths per device.

Zen - Breathe Natural Clarity. Feel presence and peace with this balancing essential oil blend. Improve Your Qualia of Life™ frankincense, sweet orange, ylang ylang

Happy - Breathe Natural Bliss. Feel joy and kindness with this grounding essential oil blend. fennel, thyme, vanilla

Sleepy - Breathe Natural Rest. Feel tranquility and gratitude with this calming essential oil blend. chamomile, kava, lavender

Vibrant - Breathe Natural Inspiration. Feel energy and insight with this invigorating essential oil blend. ginger, lemon, spearmint

Sexy - Breathe Natural Temptation. Feel confidence and charisma with this warming essential oil blend. jasmine, lime, patchouli

Active - Breathe Natural Energy. Feel purpose and passion with this motivating blend. bitter orange, black pepper, sage

Healthy - Breathe Natural Wellness with Paleo Air™. Feel vitality and renewal with this restorative essential oil blend. cinnamon leaf, marjoram, turmeric

Ocean - Breathe Natural Freedom. Experience adventure and opportunity with this liberating essential oil blend. eucalyptus, lime, tangerine

Mountain - Breathe Nature® and experience courage, fortitude and resilience with this empowering blend. juniper leaf, peppermint, scotch pine

Forest - Breathe Natural Peace. Experience wisdom and compassion with this enlightening essential oil blend.  black spruce, douglas fir, sandalwood