WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Basics: 6 Things All Beginners Need to Know

You want to join the party and become one of the 10.8 million Americans who currently use a vape. You may be trying to stop smoking or have had your eye on a fancy vape pen that matches your style.

You've also watched in awe at cloud chasers blowing some massive plumes. Whatever your reason for wanting to vape, you need to understand a bit about the vape basics. Here's the lowdown.

1. What Exactly Is a Vape?

Your vape device is what creates the vapor for you to inhale. There are lots of types of vapes available to buy. Vape pens are a slightly more sophisticated version of e-cigs. They're the most popular devices to vape with.

An e-cig tends to look and feel a bit like an actual cigarette. They can be a great weapon in your fight to quit smoking. They're usually a bit smaller than a vape pen and the range tends to be more limited. 

Vape mods are going to give you the ultimate vaping experience. They've got all the same parts as a normal vape pen but they're more powerful. A vape mod device will give you stronger hits and fuller flavors.

Box mods may not be as discreet as vape pens but they offer a great deal of flexibility in what you can do. Although they're not meant for beginners, it's good to know they're out there for you to move on to in the future.

2. The Anatomy of Your Vaping Device

Your vape will be powered by batteries that are either disposable or rechargeable. It will also normally consist of a mouthpiece, a tank, an atomizer, a coil, and a wick.

The atomizer holds the e-liquid. Some vapes are disposable. These are ideal for beginners although most vapers are likely to soon move on to a more sophisticated style of vape pen. 

The coil is what heats up within your device. Once it reaches the right temperature, any e-juice will vaporize. Coils can be made out of a variety of different materials.

Some may produce more flavor, whilst others will make bigger vape clouds. The larger clouds can even be manipulated to create shapes and perform tricks with.

Finally, the wick is the conduit which carries the e-liquid to the coil. They're made from materials such as cotton and silica cord.

3. Different Flavors of E-Liquid

This is the fun bit. Becoming a vaper means you're in for a real treat as there so many types of e-juice to choose from. These range from e-liquid flavors like Summer strawberry to cookie butter. 

Once you start really getting into vaping, you can make up your own recipes. That lets you experiment by combining different flavors.

Always buy your e-juice from a reputable dealer. Nothing beats visiting the store itself and having a chat with the experts. 

4. The Health Benefits of Vaping

If you're quitting smoking then you may want help to stop the craving by choosing an e-juice that contains nicotine. You're much more likely to quit smoking completely if you use a vape. 

You can even adjust the amount of nicotine that you add to the e-juice so that you get the hit that's right for you. By not smoking tobacco you'll avoid inhaling the thousands of chemicals contained in cigarette smoke. 

Using CBD oil in your vape will also bring you some amazing health benefits. These range from pain relief to help with sleeping and a reduction in anxiety. 

Cannabis has been used to treat pain for at least three thousand years. CBD is one of its components and it's only more recently that scientists have discovered its ability to reduce chronic pain. 

It may also help mitigate some of the symptoms related to cancer. That includes some of the unpleasant side effects that come with some cancer treatments. It's thought that it could help reduce acne and benefit the heart. 

5. Vaping Etiquette

it's important to be mindful that some people find vaping an irritant. The vapors you exhale won't travel very far. If you're vaping at home, the chances of bothering the neighbors should be minimal. 

The same also goes for wide open areas. Everything changes though when you're in a confined space or traveling. You shouldn't vape in movie theaters or restaurants. If you do, you'll run the risk of annoying some of those around you. 

You should also avoid vaping on public transport and vaping is not allowed on aircraft. It's wise to refrain from vaping if there are children present. However, there are no proven health risks.  



6. Maintaining Your Vaping Device

You need to be prepared to maintain your vaporizer. Regular cleaning is going to prolong the life of any device. Always inspect the parts of your vape for signs of damage.

A vape pen will need the coils and wicks replacing from time to time. If you don't do this then you'll notice the flavor of your e-liquid deteriorating.

You should clean the vape tank regularly and remove any chemical residue. This is particularly important if you're switching e-juice. It will lessen the chances of cross-contamination of flavors. 

Fill a bowl with warm water and insert the tank and its components. Ensure you have emptied the tank beforehand. If your tank is very dirty you could use a couple of drops of dish detergent. Ensure all the components are totally dry before reuse.

Getting to Grips with the Vape Basics

Pretty soon you'll be vaping like a pro. Once you understand the vape basics, there's a whole new vaping world to discover out there.

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