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5 Things You Need To Know About Kratom & How To Use It


Smoke City Breaks Down Questions About Kratom

Kratom is a herbal supplement used by many to relieve pain, help with calmness and raise energy levels. Many argue that this plant has beneficial effects for both their physical and mental health, which is why popularity has soared dramatically. In this article, we’re going to look at the 5 most important things that all Kratom users need to know about this new and highly sought health aid. First, know that you can find Kratom right here at Smoke City, but let’s start with this list: 

  1. What is kratom?

Kratom is extracted from a tree in Southeast Asia called Mitragyna speciosa. The leaves of the tree have mild psychoactive properties and have been crushed, smoked and brewed by locals as a medical aid for generations. Many people use Kratom as they feel this ancient herbal treatment carries some of the most favorable effects of opiates, without containing any conventional opiate substances.   

  1. Pain relief is the most common reason for taking kratom

The vast majority of people that swear by the effects of Kratom are using it to relieve chronic pain. When you’re suffering from some of the harshest and most unbearable health conditions, tackling a normal day to day routine is impossible without powerful pain medication. If your pain levels are exceptionally high, typical pain killers will only scratch the surface of what you need.

Some of the most famous opiate drugs out there including heroin, codeine and morphine, are well known for their heavy impact and highly addictive properties. A lot of people suffering from constant pain are rightfully fearful of taking these widely available substances. Kratom has become increasingly popular as a milder herbal based supplement that delivers effective pain relief without the drastic negative effects that so many associate with opiates like heroin and morphine.   

  1. A lot of people use kratom as means to avoid opiates

You’ve probably already heard of some of the most popular opiate drugs, you may have even used some before. Ever heard of the poppy plant? The seeds from these plants hold a milk that can be processed and mixed with other chemicals to create highly intoxicating opiates. This substance has been used to make a variety of powerful drugs for thousands of years.

Today, a wide variety of narcotics and store bought opiate drugs are produced by chemists in advanced labs around the world. All natural opiates are derived from opium. They are widely considered less harmful than synthetic varieties, but this is a misconception, as all opiates possess inherent addictive properties.  

The term “opiate” means something very different to the term “opioid.” You may have seen these phrases used interchangeably in the past, but they don’t mean the same thing. Opiates are drugs that originate from opium. Opioids are drugs that provide similar effects to opiates, but are not derived from opium.      

throughout history, opium has been widely used as an anesthetic as well as a cure for a range of nervous disorders, cancers, and migraines. Morphine is one of the most famous types of opiate. It is used primarily for instant and powerful pain relief. It’s a natural opiate, but as most people know, it’s so addictive and impactful that it has also become widely used illegally as a recreational narcotic.

Kratom is becoming increasingly popular because its a herbal remedy that gives you a boost without also giving you an addiction problem. It’s a natural opioid (definitely not a opiate) that has been used within east asian medicine for centuries. It’s most common applications have included curing health problems, improving mental state, relieving constant pain and increasing workforce production.   

The most popular way to consume Kratom has always been by ingesting it. It has become widely known for its ability to remedy anxiety issues, eliminate pain, improve the quality of sleep, focus, and overall productivity. As you can imagine, throughout history people have always suffered from depression and physical suffering. Kratom has proved effective in increasing people's motivation and provides users a greater sense of comfort and well being.

Today, it is commonly used by people suffering from constant chronic pain. Suffers of such condition often feel a lack of impact from general prescription medication and turn to Kratom as it’s accessible and allows them to sustain a more liveable life.

Many understand that opiate drugs like morphine and heroin are incredibly potent and addictive. Users of these narcotics have used Kratom to wean themselves off such destructive drugs. Kratom is easier to take, offers many of the benefits that most would expect from opium based substances, but is natural and considered far less harmful.  

Kratom has also become popular with sufferers of depression that have found traditional SSRI’s insufficient or overly disorientating. Many people with no prior addictions or medical conditions have started to use Kratom as a means to improve their daily productivity, mood and overall quality of life.   

Fans of Kratom see it as their secret weapon that gives them an added level of motivation in training pursuits, it helps them remain calm and focused in high pressured jobs or during momentous events, and frees their minds from feelings of anxiety in social encounters. Kratom is legal in many countries around the world, is considered far safer than any typical opiate drug, and is more affordable relative to alternative medicines or illegal narcotics.   

  1. Kratom should be ingested

Kratom is essentially a leafy plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It’s found in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali. It’s actually acknowledged as being part of the coffee family. The leaves are chewed by Thai workers that are facing long hours of hard labour in hot conditions. Kratom that you find on the shelves is made from these leaves crushed down and refined into an easily digestible powder.

The powder can be consumed on its own, but many users prefer mixing it with a stronger tasting liquid like juice or tea. Kratom can't be smoked. As it’s a natural substance derived from a leaf, smoking it would effectively destroy it.

The most effective way to benefit from Kratom is to absorb it’s qualities through ingestion. A lot of people like to take it as quickly and simply as possible to fit in with a busy day. One popular method has become known as “Toss n’ Wash”. This involves placing a spoonful of the powder into your mouth and washing it down with a big gulp of water or juice. It’s no fuss and provides a decent dose of Kratom in one immediate shot.

Other users like to take a bit more time with their kratom consumption. You can make a simple Kratom tea by boiling up the powder in a pan with water, allowing the mixture to sit so that all residue settles to the bottom, then straining all of the liquid. This method is preferred by those that like to take Kratom slowly as part of a relaxing break, as opposed to rushing it down before jumping into action.  

Kratom capsules are another option. Capsules are easy, have very little taste and provide the same impact as taking the power directly or ingesting it with a liquid. Some people might discourage the use of capsules, but it really comes down to personal preference. The most important factor that all Kratom users should acknowledge and pay close attention to is dosage. Which leads nicely into our final pointer:

  1. All Kratom users need to find their perfect dosage

Kratom doesn't work the same way for everyone. There’s no guided daily amount that will work the same way for you as it will for everyone else. Each individual will extract Kratoms benefits differently, so a huge factor for all users of this supplement is finding the dose that suits you best. Take too little and you won't be feeling the full potential that Kratom has to offer. That said, more doesn't always mean a better.     

The only way to find your perfect dose is through trial and error. The typical amount that most people tend to take varies between 3 to 10g per day. The other thing to consider is the quality of your Kratom. It comes in a range of standards and styles that play a large role in distinguishing the amount you should be taking for maximum effect. Everyone has their own tolerance level and as its ingested, the emptiness of your stomach also makes a big difference.

Take too little in one sitting and your supplies will be wasted as you wont feel any effects. Take too much and you might feel a little nauseous. The best way to find your “sweet spot” is to try a different dose each day using the same method and at consistent stomach capacity. The perfect dose will have you feeling confident, alert, and ready for anything, without any sense of a dizziness or nausea.   

That’s our 5! We hope this quick list of important Kratom pointers has helped provide you a handy introduction to this popular supplement. Note the hints above and you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of its effects and how to go about taking it. Remember, with natural substances like Kratom, everyone's tolerance and experience will be different. The best approach with anything new is to take things slow and one step at a time until you find what works best for you.